What’s Your Style?

I’m asked this frequently and, to be quite honest, I have no concrete answer. It changes constantly! If my garden looks coordinated, believe me, it’s not planned. I’ve never met a plant that I didn’t like (ok…maybe a few) and if it’s calling me to take it home (and they all do), I will find a place for it…budget permitting.

I grew up gardening with my grandpa and believe that it should always be fun! You think you have a black thumb? Plants die..some easier than others. Get over it. Try again or try something different! Never stop experimenting and leave the excessive agapanthus and palm tree usage to the gas stations and shopping centers! Stretch a little and let Tammy Martin Landscape Design help you dream something up!

What’s YOUR style?
I say don’t worry about it so much! Get dirty, mingle with the bugs, loosen up and have fun! Let us know if we can help!