Giving Back….Healthy Version

All too frequently, difficult financial times seem to equate unhealthy food choices with lack of options.  Needy families eat from the dollar menu or the processed food aisles because they think it’s the only way to get the most bang for their buck and local food drives reap an even greater bounty of unhealthy, often expired, processed food.

Below are some other options.  Feel free to chime in if you know of similar programs in your area.P.E.A.C.E. Garden at Saddleback will donate all vegetables and fruit grown on-site to the families that seek assistance from the Saddleback Food Pantry.

(No comment right now on the stupidity that is the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009 (HR 875).

If you have your own edible garden and more veggies than you know what to do with, please contact The Harvest Club.  They will not only help you harvest your garden,but they will also donate the produce to needy families.  If they don’t serve your area, I’m sure they can refer you to someone who does!

On December 1st, The City of Irvine will be hosting the “Healthy” Food Drive.  I’m glad that they used the quotes because it will save me one or two facetious comments.  But they mean well and it could be a step in the right direction by making a point to indicate “healthy.”  Nonetheless, when you’re hungry (and I’ve been there), just about any food is greatly appreciated!  Please help out in Irvine or at your local food drive if you’re able to.

About this time last year, I had barely enough food to feed myself and was on the verge of losing my apartment and thinking that I’d have to quit school and pack it up to move back to Colorado.  I continue to be eternally thankful for the friends and family who came to my rescue and filled my tummy, lifted my spirits and gave me (and my zoo) a place to live until I could get back on my feet!

May you all continue to be blessed and, if you don’t feel like you are, please don’t go it alone but rather reach out for a boost up!  You are, but stress may be causing a little fog.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Playing for Change “One Love”


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